Centurion, outside Pretoria

June 16th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Centurion, outside Pretoria, South Africa

Date: Friday 16/06/06 8:30pm local time

Approach Direction: Coming from the South

Departure Direction: Heading North

Witness Direction: South

Description: I was driving southwards on the N1 (main highway in the region) and I saw two bright blue/white lights in the horizon. I noticed that they were moving apart very quickly. One light headed west while the other headed north towards me. At first I though it was a helicopter but then I realised that it was travelling very quickly and it was about 100m above the ground. It passed me at a great speed but saw that it was a metallic colour and an oval shape. As it passed me at about 200m away from me, it shon down a yellow column of light from its centre for about a second.

Color/Shape: It looked oval from the side but I think it was round. Metallic colour. Bluish white light from a distance. Shon a yellow burst of light vertically downwards that formed a column of light

Height & Speed: 100m above the ground, speeds ranging from 100-1000km/hour

TV/Radio/Press: none


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