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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

January 24th 2007 : Riviera Pretoria, halfway up Meintjies Kop hill

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hi there,

Nice to chat tonite.

Last eve - 24 January 2007 at approx 6:45pm just after sunset, I was watering my garden and looked northwards at the sky towards wonderboom airport.
My vantage point was from Riviera Pretoria, halfway up Meintjies Kop hill (northern side of the union buildings hill)
I saw what I thought was a flare - an extremely bright light appeared well above the northen ??Magalies Kruin?? hill. There was no emergence from the horizon nor upward motion, the light was just there. The sky was not yet dark as the sun had just set behind Meintjies kop, and the white-yellow light was extremely bright for the early evening time, hence me noticing it.
It was difficult to judge the distance, but the light-object appeared to be spherical and seemed from behind the magalies kruin about 10km from me.

The intensity of light grew rapidly dimmer and the object moved off in an easterly direction in a straight line, stopped and return to it's original position for about 15 seconds. It grew brighter for about 15 seconds, but not to it's initial intensity, then moved off westward, again in a straight line, the n returning to its original place, hence having displayed a symetrical motion: point to east, ack to point..pause...point to west and back to point.
It then grew brighter to almost the initial level, then faded to nothing whilst remaining stationary. completely vanishing!

Although the wonderboom airport is northwards from here, and there is a lot of airplane traffic, this object did not display any kind of movement or give off the type of light characteristic of standard air traffic.
There was no flashing light common to aircraft, and it made no sound.

The total viewing time I guess to be between 40secs and 2 minutes - I am not too sure in retrospect how long I was watching.

It is very similar in appearance, but not motion behaviour, to an anomaly I sighted from my house on 6 March 2004, which I reported on

Perhaps it would be sensible to contact the airport to find out about scheduled / early notice flights in and out of there that evening?

Follow-up report by Brian Vike:

Q. Would you say Marek that the sun, although it has already set was lighting the object up ?

A. Not a chance there - the sun was down already and there is a ridge to the west so the sun was well gone.

Q. Or do you believe the object itself was creating it's own light ? I know this is rather hard to tell, but something to pass by you. At least your thoughts on this.

A. Yes in deed - I am quite certain it was, as the intensity varied in a logarythtmic fashion, as if it were controlled.

Q. If you held out your thumbnail at arms length, roughly how far would you estimate the object traveled horizontally before returning to the same place in which is started from ?

A. About 2km

Q.Seeing it was a long distance away from your location, chances are you would not have heard any sound from it.

A.I often hear planes that fly in thorugh the same general airspace as where I percieved the object to be.

Q.Is there any other detail you can add that might help out on this ?

A.My neighbouring friends have seen similar phenomena on other occassions, but have dismissed these as meteorological phenonmenon - I'll enquire a bit further with them into the next week if I get chance to chat to them.

Q. Also, if possible could you do up a rough diagram, or a graphic to show the objects complete path of travel. This would also give a better idea of it's maneuvers.

Sketch of sighting
Very simple motion through a straight line

Thank You.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
HBCC UFO Research International:

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up report.]