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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

June 25th 2008 : Warden, Eastern Free State

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: South Africa, Eastern Free State, Warden.

Date: 25 June 2008.

Time: +- 18H30.

Number of witnesses: Only me that I know off.

Number of objects: Seemed like a single object.

Shape of objects: Seemed 'langwerpig'?

Weather Conditions: Clear skies, early evening - already dark out. Chilly outside. No moon present. 'Milky-Way' bright.

Description: I was busy outside and stared at the stars for a whle and suddenly my eyes caught something in the sky moving very very fast "below" the Milky Way (it seemed as if it were much closer to the ground than to outer space). Direction: western side of the Milky-Way towards the eastern side, but I started seeing it somewhere in the middle of the two - saw it only briefly for a few seconds (maybe 4-5 seconds). The reason I said it seemed closer to the ground than to outer space is that it looked as if it had been reflecting the towns lights the same low lying clouds does if it is above a well lit area. But it wasn't reflecting that clearly, more of a "dowwerige skynsel". The area that I saw looked something like the bottom outside area of a coke bottle but just with round 1/2 'bubbles'. Above these you could make out something darker but not clear at all. This thing was moving much more faster than the 'satelites' we usually see. I tried to keep on following it but it seemed like it just blended in with the night sky. I looked to the area where I thought it might be moving to and saw a bright blimp as if a plane were flying there - only saw this bright blimp once. Still in the same path it might have taken a plane was flying in the eastern side in direction north to south. Did not see anything else except for a possible satelite traveling north to south on the western side. This possible satelite's light/reflecting the sun were present at all times and it dissappeared in the southern part of the sky. I saw this satelite around +-18H35.

This thing I had described earlier - I saw a similar one a few years ago also above Warden but it was much much much closer. I was sitting outside looking at the evening sky (already dark outside - cannot remember time nor date). As I glimsed directly above me something massive (much bigger than the above mentioned one) caught my attention. It had the same 'Texture' to it and reflected a bit more light than this one, with a darker background. Seemed to be in the form of a 'vierkant'. There was no noise eminating from this thing. It moved slowly over the town (small town) in direction north-west to south-east and then suddenly made a 90 degree turn south after a minute or so. I stood up and slowly ran for a few meters to try and keep an eye on it but I lost sight of it. This whole episode was about 2minutes in total. I was so overwhelmed by it, I forgot to phone anyone when it happened and only afterwards phoned my husband and a friend telling them what I had seen. It might seem funny but I assure you it wasn't any birds in flight or a plane, or my imagination or something like that.

Please, if you might know what it could be, inform me - I would really like to know.


TV/Radio: Not that I know of - didn't listen to any radio or watch tv.