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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

June 15th 2009 : Between Bultfontein and Welkom, Free State

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: On the road between Bultfontein and Welkom in the Free State.

Date: June 15 2009

Time: Approximately 23:30

Number of witnesses: Three (3)

Number of objects: Between 10 to 12, fast speed and very clustered

Shape of objects: Oval, size approximately 60cm in diameter.(small)But thats what we saw.

Weather Conditions: Clear, chilly night at the time.

Description: On route back home from Bloemfontein via Bultfontein to Welkom. Travelling about 130km/h at approx 23:30 a sudden swoop down directly from the front at just above the vehicle roof top height a cluster of 'lights' almost all in a row at high speed directly towards us. I actually expected a collision. They appeared approximately within a hundred metres in front of us. The reaction from us was silent, rather perplexed I would say. Then from my comment: "did you see that", Marco responded a slow: "yes" and my nice Gabby also acknowledged seeing that. Our companion Peter who did not see, said must have been a flock of birds. I insisted that at that speed it could not have been, also we would have seen wings flapping.

TV/Radio: No report. I have deliberated reporting it at all. But have decided that maybe there have been other sightings in this area and this could only support or validate the other/s and vice versa.

So for what its worth.

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