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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

October 18th 2009 : Three Rivers, Vereeniging

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Three Rivers Vereeniging South Africa

Date: October 18 2009

Time: Approx: 21:00

Number of witnesses: 6 (six) in various areas of Three Rivers.

Number of objects: One (looked like an exploding star)

Shape of objects: Like a star in the heavens.

Weather Conditions: Very clear star lit night.

Description: My wife J****, my sister M****** and I were on our way home from church on Sunday evening at approx: 21h00.

I noticed a clear ring about the size of a one rand coin through the windscreen of our vehicle but thought it was a reflection from oncoming traffic. Suddenly there was what seemed an explosion in the centre of the ring and another bright ring started to form and move away from the star. At this point we stopped the car immediately in the middle of the road and climbed out. There was another explosion from the star and another ring started to form and expand outwards. This explosion happened eight times until their were nine perfectly lit expanding rings. Time outside vehicle approx: 4 minutes. We managed to contact one person W***** ***** who went outside his house a few Km from our position and he and his wife also witnessed what we were seeing. The object/star had come from a southerly direction ie Sasolburg and moved past us and then moved of in a north westerly direction. On Monday 19/10/2009 one other person S***** ********* witnessed that he had also seen what we had seen but was not sure as he had just returned from a trip to the coast in Natal and thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him. We were scared and joyful if that makes sense at the same time because God tells us in Joel chapter 2 vs 30 that these things will happen in the end times. Did anybody else witness something on Sunday evening 18/10/2009 please let us know. LORD BLESS D****.

TV/Radio: Not a word from any media source that we know of.

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