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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

November 21st 2009 : Outside Bethlehem, Free State

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Outside Bethlehem, Free State

Date: November 21st 2009

Time: Between 10:30pm - 11pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: See description below


We live on a farm outside of Bethlehem in the Free State. Last night, 21 November 2009, between 10.30 and 11pm my son was out hunting porcupine with three friends. It was a very dark with many stars out and they noticed a lot of shooting stars, more so than usual all falling in one direction. Suddenly one 'star' shot out of the sky and left a trail of coloured light in its wake. It became as bright as daylight and they could even see the mountains in great detail. It vanished behind a koppie emitting green, yellow, purple and blue lights which retracted into itself. Nothing further was seen and it became dark again. It was huge and cast a very wide circle of light over the valley.

We wondered if it could have been a small meteorite as it fell with great speed from very high. It could not have been a flare as it was too fast and bright and the whole episode was over in a matter of about 5 seconds.

These youngsters range in age from 17 - 23 yrs and are all of very sober habits. They regularly hunt porcupine on Saturday evenings and my son is one of the biggest skeptics I know so for him to come and tell me what he saw must have been a wake-up call for him. They were all visibly rattled.

Have there been any other reports of this sighting? A few weeks back there was a sighting of an object of similar description over the Clocolan/Ficksburg area and it traveled over towards Welkom and Kroonstad and was seen by many people.


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