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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

July 28th 2010 : Kempton Park, Guateng

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: South-Afrika, Guateng, Kempton Park

Date: July 28 2010

Time: 20:30

Number of witnesses: 6

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round and orange

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Not Applicable

Weather Conditions: Clear sky

Description: You see the object from 20:30pm the object is bright then it goes dimmer. We saw it move far to the left, it stopped for a while and then it disappeared. We could see that it wasnt a plane. A plane passed by and the object went dimmer, when the plane was gone the object went bright. We saw this for the last two nights now.

TV/Radio: News 24