UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

Flag of South Africa

The Reeds, Centurion, Gauteng

December 31st 2013

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UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: The Reeds, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Date: 31/12/2013

Time: 19:40

Number of witnesses: Only me (1)

Number of objects: One (1)

Shape of objects: Irregular and dull black (shape of big family car), with big red light at front end

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Not applicable

Weather Conditions: Irregular and dull black (shape of big family car), with big red light at front end.

Original Description: Object caught my eye when I saw red light moving swiftly towards me from west to east as I was looking for fireworks in the sky. I expected the light to burst like a type of flare but then saw the black shape travelling fast from west to east and when it went overhead there was no lights or any metallic glint from the object.

It looked like a big family car, not high like a satellite but at the altitude a light aircraft would normally travel. This object travelled very fast and made absolutely NO SOUND at all and then disappeared from my view over the roof of some houses. I can only compare it to the US stealth aircraft called the Nighthawk, but even that would have made a typical jet-engine sound and those planes have never been to South Africa to my knowledge.

Updated Description: Object appeared to approach me from east and passed directly over my house. At first I thought it was a flare as lots of fire works were shot for new year's eve, but then I noted this was not travelling upwards but towards west at great speed with big red light visible only till it passed overhead and then no lights at all but due to the brightness of sky I could see black object against clouds. It had no metallic glint/ sheen and was dull black and had no sound at all as it disappeared into the west over some houses. (I reported this earlier but had my direction the wrong way around, it must read EAST to WEST).

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