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There was a time in my life when I believed that everything was explainable by logic, physics and mathematics. I regarded stories of UFO's being the result of imagination by mentally impaired people and/or persons.

I was absolutely biased when I saw a UFO. Something unbelievable and unexplainable I had to witness.

The Year was 1972 and the morning was warm - around 4 o'clock, and the streets were empty.

It happened on the East London coast in South Africa.

I took a walk, being accompanied by two of my friends, one of them being Donald, a member of the human race. I named the other friend Trixie; she was a clever female German Shepherd. Trixie was the one who took us for a walk. It turned out to be a long walk, away from Moore Street, down Fitzpatrick Street, then along the Esplanade. When we had gone passed the Aquarium we had a rest. There was a bench and the Kings Hotel still existed - right behind our place of rest.

As we had settled down Donald remarked "Heinz, there is a light out there". I took a quick glance. "It's a ship," I said. "But it's moving, too fast for a ship." Than I had another look - and had to believe my eye's. The bowl of light moved fast, to the left and right, moving closer to the shore. At a distance the light looked white. As the ball came closer to us, one could make out that it was filled with all colours of the rainbow. The colours were rotating. The rotation reminded me of the old ice-cream machines that had a rotating red spiral.

The colours moved from the "South Pole" to the "North Pole" in spirals. One could see the reflected light in the water for a while, later on at the sand. The bowl than hovered noiselessly close to the shoreline - only a few meters away from us. Only now one could estimate the size of the object. It was small, it's diameter not exceeding 2 meters. My dog was also looking at the strange object and tried to make a retreat - pulling me almost off the bench. We were definitely their objects of interest.

Now we wanted to have some more witnesses. I firstly tried to stop a car coming down the Esplanade, gesturing at the UFO. Instead of coming to a halt the driver increased his speed. Maybe he was afraid.

Than we crawled uphill to the Kings Hotel. There were 2 people that noticed the UFO as well. One was the waiter, the other a watchman. I asked them if I could make a phone call to our local newspaper. I was allowed to use the phone behind the reception. I spoke to the Daily Despatch. "We haven't a photographer this time of the morning" I was told. I had the feeling that the person on the other end of the line didn't believe in UFO's. After all, 25 minutes ago I didn't believe in them myself.

As I left the Hotel the night staff, Donald and my dog were watching the UFO. Somebody must have than decided that it was time to leave our planet. The UFO took off with tremendous acceleration without any sound and passed a light cloud cover within less than 2 seconds. Before it melted in with the stars, the visible light had changed back to white. "It's getting small now" the night staff remarked. I never had another sighting.


12 hours after the events I met my friend Chris. The house he lived in was in Fitzpatrick Street and one could overlook parts of the Esplanade from there. I indicated carefully that I had seen something strange - and that he please must not regard me being nuts.

"Chris has also seen it," his wife said immediately. "He called Anthony (his son) - but the thing had gone too fast."

73 de Heinz, ZS***

[Peter Tottle writes: It is Original in the sighters own words. Old stuff but true. He is a good friend of mine and I can vouch for their honesty.]

Peter Tottle ZS2ABF - SARHUIG.
The South African Ham Radio UFO Interest Group (SAHRUIG)
E-mail: ptottle@qwest.co.za


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