Cinsta - East London

July 31st 1973?

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Hi Peter

As promised here is my UFO story.

It was a Sunday morning about 02H00 my family and I were returning home by car from a local holiday resort (Cinsta Near EAST LONDON SOUTH AFRICA). The morning was clear no wind or clouds, visibility was good for miles. The terrain was flat and the lights of East London were visible on the horizon.

As we approached the main East Coast road we were about 400 meters from the stop street, when I noticed a strange looking light in the sky, this light is hard to explain as it was not of a white colour but had a bluish haze around it. The light appeared to be about the size of the Evening star. and was about a meter above the horizon, it looked to be about 2 to 3 kilometers away from us moving very slowly in a North Easterly direction.

The nearer to the main road we got the faster this light started to move and climb in altitude.

I said to my wife look at that! this light was by now fairly high in the sky and was moving much faster, and climbing all the time and then all of a sudden this thing accelerated and climbed in altitude and just carried on going straight up. There is no other explanation for this sighting but as a UFO. This light climbed and sped up to fast for any aeroplane and at that time of night there are no planes in our area. This tale I've had with me for years it happened in the early 1970's I think it was 31st July 1973.

Hope that this is good enough for your files I don't drink and was sober. My friends often tease me about the sighting.

73 - Len, ZR2*** East London South Africa.

Peter Tottle ZS2ABF - SARHUIG.
The South African Ham Radio UFO Interest Group (SAHRUIG)
E-mail: ptottle@qwest.co.za


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