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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

June 1977/1978 : Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, Republic of South Africa

Date: 06 ?? 1977 or 1978 just before 18h00 (GMT)

Approach Direction: Hovering in the sky. Appeared a very bright star - most unusual

Departure Direction: East to North East

Witness Direction: I was alone

Description: I was driving home from work and exited the highway (National Road) by taking the steepish curve to my left. At the top of the curve, I remained in the left lane in Vanguard Drive (a long, straight double carriageway) Approx 30 metres in Vanguard Drive I saw to my left a very bright, shining star in the sky. (Possibly due East). I pulled into a parking lot as I was very surprised at the brightness of the star. Less than 10 seconds later, this star darted for approx 1 metre to my left and woosh it disappeared. I was surprised, perplexed, and stunned at what I had just seen. The following morning, all the newspapers headlines were that numerous people, from numerous areas of Cape Town, had seen the very bright star (and the description of the star and its disappearance was identical to what I had seen).

Color/Shape: Very bright star in the sky

Height & Speed: Normal stars are high up in the sky but this one was much, much lower.

TV/Radio/Press: The Cape Times in the morning and The Argus in the afternoon. Unfortunately I am not sure if it was in June 1977 or June 1978. (Presently I am unable to check the newspapers' archives as I'm looking after my grand-daughter but, God willing, one day in the future when my grand-daughter goes to pre-primary, I will investigate and ascertain the correct date.)