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UFO Sighting Report - South Africa

1983 : Parkhurst, Johannesburg

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Parkhurst (northern suburb of) Johannesburg South Africa

Date: 1983 - not sure which month - probably middle of year

Time: 4am Jhb, 4.30am Kimberley, 5am Cape Town

Number of witnesses: Thousands in Johannesburg, Kimberley, Cape Town

Number of objects: One massive one

Shape of objects: I saw what looked like a huge building on it's side with windows and protrusions. It looked similar to the UNISA building that you see as you drive into Pretoria, coming from Johannesburg. Newspaper reports describe as cigar shaped.

I'm not sure I saw the same thing as them but it was on same night at same time a few miles from the main sighting.

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: My bed faced wall of glass, North/East facing. I woke and saw a huge thing with windows, filling half the sky moving left to right slightly towards us, over our roof going approximately North to South. It didn't make a noise, just a white sound like a vibration. I didn't think I had really seen it as I was half asleep. I got up and walked to the kitchen. I remember seeing a neon (ultraviolet)line of light shining on one wall opposite the bathroom. I looked into the bathroom and noticed the white metal window frame glowed an ultraviolet colour. When I came back from the kitchen it was gone. I told my husband that it must've been a dream but didn't feel like a dream and drew a picture for him in the morning,but he wasn't impressed. I showed his partner who came to fetch him, who was interested. Later I was driving around and saw news banners announcing UFO Sighted around SA, starting in Hillbrow at 4am, which is the direction in which it was headed - about 5+ kms south of our house.

TV/Radio: I obviously bought the paper, but the article and the drawing I made of the UFO have long since been lost. Not sure if it was THE RAND DAILY MAIL which no longer exists or THE STAR which does exist. The Public Library apparently keeps all old newspapers in its archive, but I can't seem to find the right department to get a copy and I live in Knysna, Western Cape now so I can't go there.

The paper had a fairly small article saying roughly: A huge cigar shaped UFO hovered above Hillbrow in Johannesburg, at 4am. (I think it also said "shining lights down onto people on their balconies" but I wonder if I'm remembering this properly - it seems so far fetched. (Hillbrow is a built up part of Johannesburg city).

The Planetarium and SABC phones were blocked. The Defence Force didn't have any answers. It was over Kimberley at about 4.30 and over Cape Town at 5am. Seen by thousands.

I never heard another word about it.

Just been watching the Larry King UFO programmes which prompted me to try to find that article.