July 2001

Mazarron, S.E. Spain

Date: July 2001
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.

It was very similar to another sighting I had in July 2001 at a point 2 miles west of here. This was a night sighting also witnessed by my son. It was a red object moving slowly east to west, at roughly the height of the aforementioned light, and was silent. Viewed through binoculars it seemed egg shaped. There were people about but no one seemed to notice it.

I had the glasses as we had earlier bee watching strange things high up for some time, and I had used them to get a better sighting. Again no one else seemed to notice.

We had been looking up at the evening sky at about 10 o'clock, when it is not quite dark, and the brighter stars were out, and a bright moon. Against this sky we saw a large object moving very slowly across the sky. I judge it to be at satellite height, but I may be wrong. I moved in a south north direction (approx), and was darker than the sky. I slowly crossed the sky and we lost sight of it. Viewed through the glasses it seemed long and thin, and no lights emitted from it, and I did not see reflection from the sun. A few Min's. later another one came across, just like the first, taking the exact same route.

However this time some lights came out of it and shot off towards the east. There were several lights which later merged together and we lost sight, or the lights went out, I do not know which. The main object continued along the same route. Min's. later a third one came over, again slow , and following the same line. I was able to track the route through the main stars.

The following night we saw a repeat performance. It was the same time or there abouts, and there were three of them spaced as before. However the third one which I was watching through glasses just vanished directly overhead, and did not reappear. There followed a series of bright pinheads of white light at different points in the sky. They flashed for a second no longer, each one some distance from the last. In the sky from where we were they appeared in an area from about 40 inches by 20. (rough estimation). The last light appeared some distance from the last sighting place of the disappeared object, but on exactly the same line of travel. It was after this that we saw the red object. I have seen satellites, and the ark across the sky, none of the object I sighted did this all seemed to travel in a straight line, and all moved slowly. I felt that the three objects were enormous, as they were much bigger than a jet flying in the stratosphere.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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