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UFO Sighting Report - Spain

November 23rd 2008 : Pedreguer, Alicante

Location: Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain

Date: 23/11/08

Time: About 3am

Number of witnesses: Me and my dog

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Disc shaped

Weather Conditions: Lightly overcast

Description: My dog had diarrhoea, so I took him out about - there were a number of times so I'm guessing it was about 3am. The street lights were still on, anyway. As I was waiting for my dog to do his business, I looked up. The night was fairly crisp and clear but there was some cloud cover high up. Behind the clouds I could see a white, dis-shaped light moving quite quickly from side to side and back and forth. It's changes in direction were too quick for it to be a plane or helicopter, and the light was too big for that too. The position was over a plain, so I was sure it didn't come from below, plus the light was definitely behind clouds, not in front.

TV/Radio: I haven't reported it anywhere but here yet.