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UFO Sighting Report - Spain

July 23rd 2009 : Torrox, Costa del Sol, Malaga

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Torrox Costa del Sol Malaga Spain.

Date: July 23 2009

Time: Half three to four in the afternoon

Number of witnesses: My partner filmed object with digital camera, if any body else on beach noticed as well

Number of objects: Just one object

Shape of objects: Disc shape ball body center

Weather Conditions: Hazy sunshine clear conditions, calm sea conditions

Description: Partner films me and my children on beach to make sand castle, appears to catch green beam then the object is there, (green pulse brief) no engine noise! Small cloud above object apears to move off fast, when we went home after for meal discover this on digital camera, when I came home to UK I downloaded my photos and short avi films, to find this! Is what is a saucer shape craft, very surprised! About 5 mins after police helicopter blue and white, flew past in the next short avi film my son waves as this past over us parallel with coast line clear engine noise.

TV/Radio: The Sun newspaper at first then other Mirror and Daily Star, back in UK, Wednesday 5/8/09


Hello John,

Ok this is how it stands so far, first of all I have contacted Nick Pope UK ex MoD, and have I given him the account of what happened that afternoon.

Also I have contacted newspapers @ The Sun, Star, Mirror, ITN world news.

Short story in the Daily star newspaper UK, after UFO caught on live t.v broadcast in Newcastle UK.

(C**** Br****) my story was added to this as second sighting.

C**** B***** Costa Del Sol, Aug 7th which I thought was a bit too short this should be front page stuff, or maybe it would cause panic, in the peak of the holiday period in Spain, so this is the report and short capture of ufo.

Ok john (foggy at first thing sea mist right up to moutains)

It was a Sea misty kind of morning got up, looked out of the apartment

Sea mist very Hazy Sunshine, me and my partner and children decided to stay in doors (tidy up etc). Waiting for the weather to improve.

Wasn't till about Half 2 we went to the Beach, it was a bit hazy the sun was strong.

23 24th July afternoon

We would build a sand Castle as usual, for 20 -25 mins my partner took pictures and short avi film clips, you will hear on the clip a helicopter approaching in the distance, my son waved to the police Helicopter which is the second short clip, I did not hear anything in the object clip, notice the difference as my son waves to the helicopter. Sound of the ocean and people who was there. [UFOINFO Note: Clip not included as it shows clear footage of the children.]

Unknown to me and my partner who later on when we got back, I decided to look at the pics and short film clips, the ufo film I nearly deleted it!

Asked my partner what it was she didn't notice anything at the time although that she saw a group of people who was going to walk in front of her so she clicked ok button to pause (filming )then carried on after. If she had just left the thing filming she would had caught more!

We have got friends in spain and a english bar owner downstairs, showed it to him as well, so I had to wait until I got back home to download this with my camera software.

In the UK, me and my son were shocked! When this object was seen I tried to explain what the object was he was scared, the next day I rang the sun Newspaper.

Ok if you slow the film down on media player you will get a full view of this, try using the slide as well to really slow things down this is very quick and you will notice a puff of cloud top right corner of picture.

[UFOINFO Note: I have told the witness that the saucer shape seen on the video is probably lens flare caused by shooting directly into the sun. This can be seen in the screen captures taken from the video. This report has been included as an example of lens flare.]

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Screen captur 1

Screen capture 2

Screen capture 3

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