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UFO Sighting Report - Spain

December 31st 1976 : Chipiona, Cadiz

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chipiona, Spain.

Date: Dec 31 1976

Time: Evening.

Number of witnesses: 7?

Number of objects: ?

Shape of objects: ?

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: It was New Years eve. My friends and I had gone to ask my parents if I could spend the night at a friends house. The house was on the edge of the compo (countryside). My little brother and my friends waited outside. there were children playing football in the little courtyard and a little old lady selling black market cigs on the corner.

She had a little boom box playing some Spanish flamingo music. To make a Long enough story I came out of the house I noticed a mass of brightness. The bright light lit up the scene and shown on everyone's faces. I turned behind me(the direction of the compo)to see what undoubtedly everyone was looking that moment I heard the sound of what I could best describe as a record player starting up...I see nothing but darkness...I turn around to realize that that sound was the children playing and the lady's boom box(starting up?)...I asked my brother excitedly "What the hell was that?" He said...What? know.. that bright light! What was it? You all seen it! He told me to go smoke another one! Everyone acted as if nothing had happened! So I dropped it. Whats stranger still forward to now...I'm relaying this story to a friend of mine. My brother jumps in and says of course he remembers that and how could he possibly forget that light it turned the night sky to day?! I swear he was adamant nothing had happened that day. Hmmmmm. Strange...a flash of light that made time stand still!?

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