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UFO Sighting Report - Spain

November 5 - December 8, 2002 : Various Locations

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 24, 2002

Lights over Spain Between November 5 and December 8, 2002 by Jordi Ardanuy

These cases could be associated into two blocks corresponding to the Mediterranean (Xátiva and Murcia) and the center of the Iberian Peninsula (Zamora, Badajoz and Madrid). It is worth noting that both elements of this taxonomy feature a main news story which unchained others in which the lights were seen. In the first group publication and above all, dissemination via UFO lists regarding the Xátiva case; in the second, publication on the Internet of the Madrid sighting by Iker Jimenez and its subsequent dissemination through his own radio broacast.

November 5th 2002 : Badajoz

A UFO Over Badajoz (November 5)
Source: (list)
Date: December 21, 2002.

The narrator was not a witness and does not really know how it all happened. It would appear to have occured on November 5, between 3-4 a.m.. He learned of the event through the Iker Jimenez Milenio 3 radio program. He found nothing in the digital editions of "Hoy" de Badajoz (newspaper).

November 21st & 29th 2002 : Xátiva, Valencia

Sightings in Xátiva (Valencia--November 21 and 29)
Source: Europa Press
Date: December 12 and 13, 2002

Paco Hellín, a local police officer, private pilot, and in his own words, presenter of a UFO radio show on Cadena SER's Xátiva affiliate, saw a powerful, light-blue light in the early hours of November 20-21 in the company of several members of the local police force. The sighting ocurred between 6:10 and 6:50 hrs., with the object remaining visible between 40 and 50 minutes. A decision was made to phone the control tower at Manises Airport to have the station's radar detect the object. "After giving them the coordinates of 150-170 degrees southeast, taking the airport as reference, we were told that their radar showed nothing, because for an aircraft to be detected, it must carry a transponder that issues a signal."

In the early hours of November 29, the same witness observed through binoculars "a metallic object shaped like an inverted thimble, remaining static but sometimes moving vertically, giving off a powerful light blue brilliance along its edges." Using the size of the Moon as reference, the light "could have been equal to 1/5 or 1/6 the size of the full moon," which was behind him all the time the observation took place. He used as reference the catenary cables of the RENFE train line that crosses the community as well as the horizon delineated by the mountains surrounding the area.

The location where the sighting occurred is outside the community, near the entrance to the municipality through the road to Llosa. On one occasion, the metallic object was above the Lluis Alcanyís hospital. This Xátiva resident decided to report the case to the Instituto Nacional de Astronomía, who told him that it could have been the International Space Station. Other experts have doubted this possibility due to its scant luminosity and point toward Venus as a likely object, although the imprecise coordinates hinder a full confirmation.

On the other hand, Rafael Esteller, also a resident of this community, saw a light moving at high speeed on Wednesday, November 27 as he drove around 7:00 a.m. toward Albacete, some 40 km. from Xátiva. "There were three lights, two of them static and a thrd moving at such a speed that it can't be anything else (sic)."

November 22nd 2002 : Murcia

Light over Murcia, November 22, 2002.
Date: December 13, 2002

In the early hours of November 22 (an uncertain bit of data, since it could refer to two days after the second sighting), friends of the narrator claimed having seen something similar to the Xátiva UFO, also in the early morning hours around 6 a.m., which leads this writer to believe that by being seen from Valencia and Murcia, although two days later, it could perhaps be a planet or star visible in those days. The description given is of a large, brilliant light, much larger than a star although not as large as the Moon, and which did not move.

Venus has also been offered as an explanation.

December 4th 2002 : Madrid

Light over Madrid, December 4, 2002
Source: Reported by: Iker Jiménez
Date: 6 December 2002; position corrected on 10 December 2002

Several witnesses, members of the Milenio 3 radio team directed by Iker Jimenez among them, were treated to the sight of a powerful unidentified light source over Madrid, from the southeast, at 5 a.m. last Wedneseday (the 4th).

Some reporters from the SER radio network looked out their windows and attested to the light's presence. It was round and motionless and emitted a powerful blue flash. Our investigations have proven it was not a star, planet or satellite. It suddenly vanished two hours later. It had four tips or issued four beams of light. Witnesses phoned the radio station and alerted the persons on duty at the newsroom.

The proposed explanation has been Venus, which was rising in the horizon at 5:09 and two hours later had ascended to some 20 degrees (a palm's distance with the arm oustretched, approximately).

Another member of the same list claimed to have seen the same phenomenon in August, September and December. The descriptions, while very imprecise, suggest a possible astronomic origin.

December 8th 2002 : Móstoles

Light Over the Highway on December 8, 2002 Source: Lista and personal e-mail. Date: December 13, 2002

Driving along the road near Móstoles along Natl. Hwy. 5 at around 20:00 hrs. more or less, both witnesses saw a very bright white light in the distance; it was spherical and large, not fitting the typical observation parameters of an airplane. The apparente size increased and suddenly diminisehd in size until it vanished, but without moving at any time.

Translation (C) 2003 - Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology

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