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UFO Sighting Report - Thailand

October 2001 : Chiang Mai Province

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: chiang mai, province, to the west of the city, several miles and about a forty five degree angle in the sky, Thailand.

Date: i think it was a week night, monday or something, I was on my way back from the pub, in october, 2001, at or about 11:30 at night.

Approach Direction: these objects weren't approaching, they were hovering in the western sky for several minutes, bright yellow orbs of light, they hovered in formation, then at an agreed time took off in different directions.

Departure Direction: in every skyward direction, but from a hover to mach 3+ in nothing flat, one remained longer then similarly split with a stream of light heading east south east.

Witness Direction: west, to west/sw, I had been scootering in the region the orbs of light seemed to be in, out towards maesong or somewhere.

Description: I was returning to my guest house, just off moon muang, inside the moat on what i belived to have been the north eastern corner of the city, when i was mesmerized by lights in formation out towards the west of the province, about five miles or more from where i was standing in a westerly position posibly west south west from where i was standing not far from the gates on moonmuang just inside the walls of the old city.

My mind couldnt comprehend the sight i was seeing. There in the sky were five or six glowing, orbs of brilliant yellow light, just hovering in the sky as i looked on in the direction of the opposite wall to moon muang, where the moat is, which i believe is the eastern wall of chiang mai. So if I belive I was in the north east corner of the city, facing west, these orbs would have been 35 and 40 degrees in the sky at about 260 degrees from north, from where i was standing.

I gazed and wondered at these lights with a seeming VTOL capability, hovering in formation with brilliant light radiating, perhaps like white phos night lights, but they burned too long and never dimmed. Eventually i decided that they may infact be weather baloons, but why five, in formation, like the southern cross, but closer. I continued to be transfixed, occasionally looking around to see if anyone else was seeing them, wondering about the people in the west, what they must be seeing, I guessed it would be about five miles, but i guess the angle in the sky from the ground may fix that. Could have been a lot closer. Five distinct balls of light, like spotlights. I wondered whether the military in thailand, before the invasion of 2001, by the yanks, may have been night excercises. eventually four of the five lights took off at the speed of light in different directions, the last one heading in what i believe to be an east south easterly direction direction: about 95-100 degrees on a compass. The speed by which they executed their departure discounted the theory that they were miltary helicopters, which would have explained the hovering, or vtol harriers, but too still, at hover. they disappered from view so fast i could not track more than one of them, and one appeared heading towards the myanmar border, and one straight up. The speed they reached from a hovering start, seems entirely improbable that it was any commercial or military hardware, must have been 0-mach 8 in nothing flat.

Color/Shape: round to spherical, brilliant light emanating from them, hovering in formation, then taking off at mach 8 in every direction, kinda rules out weather baloons and helicopters.

Height & Speed: as above, depending on size which was about the size of a spotlight but miles away, maybe a lot further than i can imagine. they hovered in sky about 35-45 degrees into the sky, coulda been a mile, could have been five miles, they seemed to befairly high, from where i was standing, but it was night, departure speed was warp speed, 0- fuck knows in nothing flat, they cleared the horizon in less than 2 seconds.

TV/Radio/Press: I have no idea, was hoping to corroberate with someone else who was there or sightins by people out to the west of chiang mai.

UFOINFO Note: I sent the following to the witness:

I would like to ask if you have considered lanterns which can be deceptive in the way they move. Around the time of your report there were at least two lantern festivals underway according to a quick search on Google.

This is the reply:

Dear John, I hear what your saying, but these were in a fixed formation, not floating on any breeze and they were really high, and they did take off in every direction at high speed, which is why i thought of harriers and helicopters. Certainly if four out of five snuffed within nano-seconds of one another it may have greated the illusion, but they were too bright.

Anyway thanks for your prompt reply, and it has certainly got me thinking about it. Whatever it was, it was a fantastic sight and will remain with me as a memory of chiang mai at night, forever. the formation was thus :

                                             *       *       *

I thank you for your time, I just cant get over the speed of their departure, illusion or no illusion, I will remain forever in wonder, five lanterns with mach 3 capabilities, an optical illusion of flight, or something altogther different. the lanterns would explain why the lights were not directional, ie seemed to caste no beam. However looking straight into a light you see no beam cast either.

Cheers, and good wishes.