Cha Am

April 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: andy

Location: cha am thailand

Date: april 2004. on the beach at cha am. we visited the beach 6 times we saw ufos on 4 occasions

Approach Direction: flew along the beach

Departure Direction: then out to sea

Witness Direction: towards the sea

Description: first time we saw 6 light in formation they moved in v shaped formation moving together but as they flew out to sea they moved positons at very high speed.we saw theses on 4 occasions the next night were 2 ufos. the next night was 8 then 2 minutes later 4 more. last time was 4 ufos again. me and my wife saw these ufos and on 1 night my wifes disabled sister saw them.i reported these sightings to the daily express and bufora but recieved no replies. even though about 4 weeks after we reported theses sightings there was a big article in the daily express with the same sightings in mexico. but we reported the same 4 weeks before in thailand

Color/Shape: white light in v shaped formation no sound

Height & Speed: it seemed lower than aircraft cruising height. moved overhead slowly then speeded up when flying out to sea. each occasion we saw these sightings millitary aircraft was spotted out at sea after

TV/Radio/Press: as i stated before i reported these sightings but do message was recieved from anyone.i have to admit i have always liked ufos but my wife has never had interest in them. me and my wife are going back to thailand in late april. i truely belive that we will see these ufos again. when i reported the sightings to the express i offered to show them exactly where they could be viewed at what time we saw them which was about between 7.45 pm and 9pm. i tried to get camera but none of my wifes friends had one. which is why i told the express. i thought it might be worth there time to get these pics


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