September 8th/9th 2005

[Note: There seems to be various spellings for ChiangMai and ChiangRai - Chiang Mai/ChiengMai/Chieng Mai/Chiang Rai and possibly other variants.]

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Hello, I just searched for our hot news about alien sighting in northern part of my country (Thailand), just got your web from search pages. It's very interesting :) I don't know if you already know this, but yesterday (or before yesterday; 8th - 9th Sep) there were a crowd of people in a village (The name is "Ban...(something)". It's in ChiangRai province, northern part of Thailand.. Interestingly I've just known that there was UFO sighting in ChiangMai province in 2001 too.. Actually these provinces are close.) The alien was there for an hour and most of people there saw it! Then, the alien guy floated up and disappeared in the air. I don't know much about the detail but just see the news in TV. Hope this could be a help... ^^;



From UFO UpDates:

Posted by Terry Groff, September 9th

Thai TV, today, reported on an entity seen in NW Thailand near Chieng Mai. The entity was seen near a rice farm by four or five people. It had a large head and a yellow body. The phantasm then stretched into the sky and disappeared. The news anchor called this a "jahn binh" or flying saucer.

I searched The Bangkok Post and Googled but no joy.


From Alber Rosales:

Location. Huay Nam Rak, Chieng Mai Province, Thailand
Date: September 8-9 2005
Time: unknown

Thai television reported that an entity was seen on a rice farm by four or five people. It had a large head and a yellow body. The "phantasm" then stretched into the sky and disappeared. The new anchor called this a "jahn binh" or flying saucer. Others added that it had a small body, a large head and didnít leave any footprints. It is reported that the creature wandered around in the field for about an hour without taking notice of the villagers. Sawaeng Boonyalak, 35, who was among who rush to see it, reported that the humanoid was about 70cm high and had yellow skin and a flat chest. Its mouth was very tiny; it had a large bald head with big eyes and big ears. The humanoid then suddenly floated to a treetop and after more villagers came to see it, it floated into the sky and into a bright light. District chief, Wisit Sitthisombat who interviewed the ten residents said they were consistent in their testimonies.

HC addendum

Source: Terry W. Colvin fortean1@mindspring.com in UFO Updates
Type: E

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