Patung Beach, Phuket, South Thailand

March 22nd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Patung Beach, Phuket, South Thailand

Date: March 22, 2006 11:30pm local time

Approach Direction: W by NW

Departure Direction: E by NE

Witness Direction: N

Description: The following is my testimonial to the events that took place during a 3 week vacation trip to Patung Beach located on Phuket Island in southern Thailand, on March 22, 2006 at approximate 11:30pm.

The day started with less than favorable weather conditions, raining heavily throughout the day and into the early evening. Later in the evening the clouds broke up and the night appear clear with a salting of small cumulus clouds and what appear to be a high layer of haze above the clouds making it difficult to see any stars and the moon was not in sight.

At approximately 11:30pm, I had walk out on to the balcony of my second story room at the Tropica Hotel and while looking in the direction of Na-Kha-le bay (N by NW) I saw a dark red (almost ox blood colored) light rise up above the tree line heading in the direction of Rang Yai Island (E by NE). My first impression was that that light was a helicopter of sorts but my curiosity rose a little after realizing that the light was not blinking. Within the next 5 seconds a second and a third light appear with the same dark red coloring, rising above the tree line, nearly in line with the first light.

This seamed odd to me so I quickly walked back into my room and grabbed my Canon ES50 video recorder in an effort to get a closer look. Within the approximately 30 seconds it took me to grab my video recorder and turn it on, 5 of these lights had appear, all heading the same direction mentioned above, but now the color of the lights had changed to white.

After about 5 minutes, over 20 of these lights had appeared still traveling in the same direction, on an incline of about 30%. It was clear that once they reach about the center of the island, just over the Kathu Cascades range, they began to ascend upwards at a near vertical angle. While I was recording, some lights would pass behind the branches of the trees in the hotels court yard, obstructing their view only briefly. I found it difficult to zoom in on a cluster of them without loosing focus. Finally, after trying several times to get a close up, I decided to pan down into the court yard of the hotel with hopes to get the camera to focus and it appeared to work.

I put the camera on pause for a brief moment to move to the other side of the balcony to get a better angle. I saw, what appeared to be the last light quite some distance from the others and in a clear patch of sky without any obstructions from branches. I quickly zoomed in on the single light, which at this point was a dark orange color. The light took on a triangular shape and moved as though it were traveling in an s pattern but still holding the same general direction as the other lights. I tried to zoom in more but lost the image. As I zoomed out, the craft reappeared and then spun in a clockwise direction, disappeared for much less than a second then 2 small white lights appeared just slightly ahead of where the craft disappeared. The two lights joined and created a burst of white light that began to gyrated until it formed a circle. The next minutes of video taping was of this singular light pulsating from the center core at a very rapid rate.

I found I was getting rather fatigued as my hand began to shake from trying to hold camera still for the entire course of this 9 minute video. I zoomed out from the singular light and paused the camera. In the next minute, I quickly exited my room and headed to the pool area in an effort get a better view. Once I reach the pool the lights were gone. I rushed back upstairs to the balcony in my room to see if they were still viewable from that angle but found they were not in sight.

I went to the bar at the hotel and to other bars on Bang-La Road asking others if they had seen these lights. Evidently, no one had. I scanned the local papers the next day for any information that might help explain what I saw but did not find anything.

Color/Shape: 20 + lights white, orange, red. Triangular and round

Height & Speed: travel about 20 miles in 9 minutes

TV/Radio/Press: Nothing found yet


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