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UFO Sighting Report - Thailand

April 1998 : Phuket

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Locatiaon: Phuket, Thailand

Date: Appprox 10pm in April 1998 - cannot remember date, but was approx 28th

Approach Direction: from west

Departure Direction: to east

Witness Direction: north

Description: Whilst holidaying with my girlfriend and her two children, we saw approx. 7-11 tiny red lights faintly in the sky above. they were very high in altitude and they hovered for several minutes before slowly moving in an easterly direction over the island of phuket. i cannot judge how high they were but several miles up, and what was strange is that they stayed real still for approx 2-3 minutes before moving.

Color/shape: tiny red lights, like dots in the clear night sky.

Height & speed: above 7 miles high

TV/Radio/press: n/a


[Possible Thai Lanterns - John @ UFOINFO]