July 17th 1988

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Date: 17 july 1988 Tunisian local time

Approach Direction: the object was coming from the northwest

Departure Direction: it moved towards the north

Witness Direction: northwest

Description: On July 17th 1988, I was lying on the terrace with my brother and cousin watching the stars and talking. All of a sudden my brother tells us to look at the plane lights coming from afar. They looked strange because we were used to a flashing light coming from planes. Anyway, we kept looking at it until something hit us; there were three disks of orange light forming a triangle moving together ( afterward we knew it was part of one huge saucer like shape). the three lights were getting closer. We started to freak out a little because the lights were getting bigger but we could not see the saucer as a whole. We got up, ran and hid but still looking at the lights. The lights moved at a speed of 30 km/h when we saw them and suddenly they zipped away like a shooting star.

We could not believe our eyes and started looking at each other trying to explain what has just happened. As I was really skeptical of everything that had to do with ufos or paranormal, I had no answer to that. However, the next day on the Italian channel in the news, they announced that the Belgian Military air force detected a UFO and 2 F16s chased it. An amateur video was shown and there were the three lights we saw.

Color/Shape: three lights orange moving as one . probably the reactors of the UFO

Height & Speed: the lights were 10 centimeters at a distance of 2 kilometers

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Dear Brian,

I enclosed a rough diagram of what I saw as a .jpg I tried to do on Photoshop. I hope that is clear enough. As for the time It was summertime at around 1 a.m. the place was our house's terrace (the architecture of our houses here is characterized by a vast terrace on top of the house). The weather was nice, no clouds, clear sky. The house is downtown Tunis and the airport is 8 miles away. There is no air force base or anything that could explain of a military aircraft. In addition, whatever was moving was silent. Usually, when we see airplanes passing by, we could hear the sound of its reactors and see the different lights that characterize the airplanes. However, with this "object", the three lights were dominating the scene and we could not see the body of the craft. I know that the lights are part of a body because we could not see the stars surrounding the three lights at a circumference of 10 centimeters.

As it zipped away, it had a tail; we saw it for a second and there was no sound, no boom as it zipped away not even when it was moving slowly. We could not see the body as the part of the sky it was in was already a little dark but the three lights moved together with a dark background that hid the stars. There were no aircrafts around. Earlier that night, we could see airplanes go about but when we saw that thing, nothing else was around.

Photoshop diagram of sighting observed by the witness.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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