July 19th 2003

Strange sighting over the skies of Trakya, TURKEY:

Greetings To Those In Charge of Sirius UFO, Istanbul

I felt the need to send you this e-mail asking for information regarding an interesting experience I have had.

On the night of July 19 2003 till July 20 2003 at roughly 11.30 pm we were catching fish in a lake in the south of Thrace. All of a sudden we saw a bright light coming from the east. As we were wondering what this hovering bright light may be it, it exploded scattering very birght flames and began to fall. There was a reddish color coming the back of the hill where it fell. We heard no sound. I assume it fell closeby. About half an hour a later a light appearing at the same spot stayed for a while and then dissappeared after becoming like a dot.

On this particular night there was a strange stillness, ( motionless ) never seen before in any animal in nature. I could not call my friend who was expecting news from me from the same spot I had called and taked with him before, my phone was out of network coverage. We alll six friends witnessed this strange event at the same place.

What I would like to ask is this, is there any explanation for this event and if there are any others who witnessed it? I wish you success in your work.

Best regards and respects,..

Ahmet Yazici

Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center & International UFO Museum

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