July 22nd or 23rd 2003


Dear Sirius UFO Research Center, Istanbul

I am not sure which date it was either the 22 or 23 rd of July . I saw a reddish/orange object big enough to cover the basement floor of an apt. building that for sure was not round or oval. It looked like a strawberry shape with shags hanging downwards that were flashing and came quickly and suddenly became huge. It shot up again and then faded, I saw smoke as the lights turned off.

I ran there the next day, but there was nothing there. Look I told my friends about this sighting and nobody believes me..

The lights resembled acacia branches that were bent downwards

Actually I would like to find out if someoneelse besides me saw this. I never was interested in this subject. I am a literature teacher and live in Izmir. It was huge and I saw it, I have no idea what it was

With my respects,

Basak Ankara

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