August 2nd 2003

Aug.02, 2003 Suloglu- Time: 23:31

Sirius Edirne Reps. Murat Ekemen and Ismail Zýpkýn witnessed two sightings on the same night at Suloglu Dam. The objects on both occasions appeared out of nowhere and for 30 seconds went straight and continued while making zig-zag up and down movements and later disappeared all of a sudden. The object was the shape of a white orb projecting lights. The object of the second sighting was very likely to be the same as the first. This sighting was very interesting. Our representatives observing the F-16s all night have witnessed a very strange happening. An object appeared behind the F-16 and started making unusual maneuvers. The object would come from behind the F-16 then pass it and after holding a distance from the F-16, it would suddenly come to a full stop. As soon as it came close to the F-16 , it would accelerate and make a distance between itself and the F-16, then it would wait up for the F-16 to get closer. This sighting took place for two minutes.

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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/turkey/030802a.shtml