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UFO Sighting Report - Turkey

June 30th 2007 : Didim, Aydin

Source: Voices Newspaper - Didim, Aydin, Turkey

Didim became the UFO sighting capital of Turkey when several people reported seeing strange lights in the skies.

The strange yellowish melon-shaped ball was spotted by the Police Academy in Yesilkent, while regulars at the Ark Cafe Bar, in Hunters Valley, spotted the same UFO-style lights at about 9.30pm last Saturday night.

Phil and Lorraine Quibell said they spotted the strange lights heading towards them but hundreds of metres off the ground as they walked on the Yesilkent road, close to the police academy at about 9.30pm.

They described how the melon-shaped object was moving fast and in a straight line before swerving towards the police academy direction and towards the sea before disappearing over the horizon.

Mr Quibell, aged 52, formerly from Preston, said the object was a bright sun colour at the top but faded to a yellowish- moonlight colour below.....

Read the full report online at the Voices Newspaper website.

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