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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

2000 : Wyton, Cambridgeshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Wyton, Cambridgeshire, UK

Date: 2000

Time: 7.30PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: ball like intense white light.

Weather Conditions: cold frosty evening

Description: In 2000 was visiting the Cambridge Guinea pig centre with girlfriend who had taken her sick animal down for treatment. I decided to sit in the car in the car park next to the centre and smoke a few cigs before joining my girlfriend. The night was very dark and quite cold so sat and looked at the sky while I smoked and listened to music on the radio.

After around 10 minutes I noticed a ball like intense white light in the sky to my right. I looked at it for about a further ten or so minutes trying to decide if it was a distant aircraft which was either hovering or coming in from hell of a range. I then realised it was getting closer or larger. So took a pair of binoculars we kept in the car glove compartment for a better view. I decided to get of the car to view it from outside and when I did noticed there was no sound coming from it. I noticed that whatever I was watching made no noise and I was a bit taken a back by it. I had grown up near RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire and had seen countless aircraft coming in to land and take off at night and this didn't seem to be fitting what I knew.

The light or aircraft (that I thought at the time) got bigger and bigger and much brighter and with the binoculars it seemed to pulse as it got closer to me. Then I heard aircraft noise and for a second or two I felt a sense of relief but then I realised this was coming from two fighter type aircraft, which headed straight towards the bright light. They were travelling at some speed from the sound and thrust of the engines that I saw but as they got close to the light it moved away at very high speed. The two aircraft seemed to chase after it and I kept my binoculars on all three until they had gone from view but the light seemed to create rapid distance between itself and the two aircraft and seemed to be travelling at very high speed. The bright light came back in the distance about five minutes later before shooting off at very, very high speed.

The whole incident made me feel quite nervous and I went to join my girlfriend with her sick pet. In the centre waiting room I told a few people of what I had just seen but no-one seemed be concerned and I mentioned it to the owner of the centre who didn't comment either. All the way back home my girlfriend didn't take my sighting seriously and I tried to forget what I had seen. To this day I feel I saw a UFO that night and wish I could have spoken to someone about it before. Prior to that night I did not believe in UFOS' and put all sightings down to people mistaking aircraft or planets for something unknown.

TV/Radio: not reported to anyone