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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

March 2000 : Off A14 Haughley turn off, Suffolk, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Off A14 Haughley turn off, Suffolk, England.

Date: March 2000 approx 10pm local time

Approach Direction: stationary

Departure Direction: didnt move

Witness Direction: southeasterly

Description: Driving towards A14 from Haughley, saw a large triangular, looked like stealth bomber, object in the sky approx 75ft above ground, slightly to the left of us, completely still, we pulled over and my husband got out of the car, there was no noise, it just seemed to hang in the sky, my husband and oldest daughter said they saw a red light come from it, couldn't hear the traffic from the motorway just eerie silence, yelled for my husband to get back in the car and drove off, we looked back from the A14 and it was still there so we turned off and made our way back, but it had gone. Found this site today and saw a couple of sightings that looked similar, it was the silence and stillness that was most spooky.

Color/Shape: Black or grey metal like, triangular shaped, 50ft-75ft approx in length.

Height & Speed: approx 75ft off ground, completely still.