July 2000

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Dear Sir,

This is the first time I file a report about what I have seen several years ago with a friend. I hereby swear that all information provided here is true as we perceived it to be.


Near Chichester, West Sussex, UK

Date: end of July 2000

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Ball of Light
Altitude: almost at ground level

Full Description of event/sighting:

My friend and I had pitched a tent on the top of a hill. Lights of the town of Chichester visible at a distance on one side of the panorama, all other sides were pitch black (night-time). Being hot inside the tent, we decided to go for a walk in the surrounding fields. Very rapidly, we spotted in the distance straight in front of us a moving ball of light. At first, we believed it was perhaps a car with only one headlight functionning, but rapidly both of us discarded this theory: indeed, the ball of light was moving over vast distances very rapidly, and forming a light pattern which no man-made object could possibly technically (or otherwise) complete. Furthermore, the intensity of the light was perplexing: it seemed as if it gathered all it's light from within itself. My friend and I, intrigued, continued walking in it's direction, both of us theorizing on what this might be. Some distance later, although we had approached the light, we were surprised that it had not grown in size or intensity as other objects do when you approach them. The light seemed to be at the same distance as when we had first spotted it! At one point, my friend and I, without talking to each other, halted our progress at the same step. It was as if we could no longer advance, although we both wanted to. We continued watching it for a while, a knot of anxiousness in our stomachs, before deciding to turn back to our tent. Walking back, neither of us dared to turn around to see what was happening behind our backs. [Then something else happened which I myself have trouble in believing - so I shall not recall it here].

Comments: I am aware that this sighting is not of the type of an actual saucer or other flying vehicle, but it was flying in the air. Perhaps it was a ball of energy or something like that?


So, I am not sure if the above testimonial fits in your site, but nonetheless I thank you for the time you are contributing to this project.


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