Immingham, Lincolnshire, England


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Immingham/ north east lincs /England

Date: ??/??/2001 2am GMT

Approach Direction: north

Departure Direction: north eastly

Witness Direction: south

Description: Me and 4 freinds was parked up in my car in a quiet country lane at around 2am when I noticed a bright light in the sky it was a very clear night and there was no plane or other object around,I made my freinds aware and they all see it too. it was small then become bigger there was no noise to it and it was completly still for so many seconds then started moving it still had no noise to it and was completly silent thats what made us scared so we all got in my car then drove away but then it started following us we came to a lighted up area in the village and it was still in the sky moving then when it had passed we see 2 helicopters going the same direction after 5 mins had passed. they had flashing lights so it want there lights we saw.It was in the local paper the next day which came to a shock because other people had witnessed it too.

Color/Shape: White circle like a bright light

Height & Speed: 300 feet approached 3 MPH departed 3 MPH

TV/Radio/Press: Local paper Grimsby Telegraph


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