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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

May/June 2001 : Hayling Island, Hampshire, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hayling Island, nr Portsmouth, Hants UK

Date: Spring 06 2001

Time: V.early morning around 6am

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1 huge black flying object

Shape of objects: Massive Square

Weather Conditions: Perfect clear cool sunny morning May/June ish. Think it was June 2001.

Description: I was up early one morning (a Saturday - 6am ish May or June 2001) sitting in the garden in my nighty having a cup of tea facing south. After a few mins I noticed there were a large number of small birds gathering and making a lot of noise. They couldn't fly properly and there were a lot of them lined up on the phone lines and trying to fly across to roofs but couldn't do this. Their flying skills seemed to be really off skew and they couldn't fly upwards properly.

Initially, I was fascinated by all the birds and watching them and then became aware of a very deep humming sensation. No noise, but deep humming vibration all around me, pulsating in my ears and body. I saw in the distance a very low flying craft skimming the rooftops - maybe only 40ft above the rooftops and coming directly towards me. It seemed to take an age. I was watching it for perhaps 5 minutes wondering what it was. From where I was sitting I thought it was some kind of stealth bomber plane but as it came closer, it just got larger and larger. I realised that it was gigantic and no aeroplane. It looked like a triangle coming towards me. It had a long raised lit cockpit at the front so at a distance it looked like a stealth bomber plane from the front with wings but when it reached me it was an incredible size was solid without wings. It came directly overhead and was utterly enormous. The size of 3 football pitches, possibly larger - mind blowingly incredible size. I just stared up at it with my mouth open. I wasn't scared just standing underneath this thing with my jaw on the floor staring up at it. The sky went black. It was a huge black square with small lights underneath. I can't remember the exact colour, maybe some blue and white small lights at the corners and maybe some small ones on the underside. The whole underneath of the craft was deeply but uniformly undulating with squares - like a massive bar of chocolate and there was a large central round area in the middle with lights.

There was no noise at all, no engine keeping this thing in the air, total vacuum silence as it went overhead. The birds were still there but totally silent and so was I. I've experienced MRI machines and it was the same kind of feeling - magnetic pressure. It floated over me slowly and I was just transfixed. After it passed overhead out of sight I ran in the house to find a camera but when I came back out I could see the object in the distance and it just looked like a small black thin square - a flying After Eight. It had passed Havant and it was floating north and banking to move up towards the hilly ridge. I had to get this off my chest after keeping this to myself for so long. It was an incredible thing and not of this world as far as I am aware. I've never taken drugs, held a steady responsible job for the last 29 years and am a healthy sceptic (well, I was before I saw this thing). I'm not posting this for website report, but this info maybe of use to someone - eg, MOD etc.

TV/Radio: I looked all over the papers for any reports about this but didn't find anything. I'm sure others must have seen this but not said anything. It was a reasonable time in the morning and I can't believe that something this huge moved over Hayling Island without anyone else seeing it. Portsmouth is a naval town so there must be some reports somewhere. I checked out the internet for Aurora and all the other stealth type black planes and couldn't find anything remotely like the size of this object. If it is our technology, we are astonishingly advanced. I want to stay anon.

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