June 22nd 2002

Name: Ashley Martin

Location: Near Alton,in hampshire in the united kingdom

Date: June 22nd 2002 at 9:35pm (in evening)

Approach Direction: from an eastly direction

Departure Direction: did not see UFO leave.

Witness Direction: SOUTH

Description: saw bright white circular ball drop through dark cloud it was saucer-shaped and was morphing all the time i.e changing size and shape flashed out several times at me then changed into large circular ball then tiny ball before dropping into dark cloud when it came out the other side it was circular and round and particually bright white colour it also glowed orange on and off then it completely disappeared only to slowly re-materalise in amongst dark cloud whilst I was filming it.it also swayed from one side to another and then it appeared to turn itself inside out! before dropping out the bottom of cloud and hanging stationery in clear sky above very dark cloud's.

Color/Shape: bright white,round then saucer-shaped

Height & Speed: Not fast,15 thousand feet from the ground perhap's more.

TV/Radio/Press: Showed video footage to some-one at local news-paper offices.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/020622.shtml