June 22nd 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Ashley Martin

Location: Above a field (which is beside a busy main road) very close to Where I live near the village of chawton in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Date: The 22nd of June 2002 at 6:35pm.

Approach Direction: from the east

Departure Direction: Did not see Object leave.

Witness Direction: South

Description: I was outside my house with my camcorder when I noticed a particually bright white light approaching from the east it was skirting the top of some dark cloud and then dropped not straight down but at an angle through some more dark cloud when it came out of the dark cloud it was constantly changing shape/size it was doing this every second the object remained virtually still in clear sky for just over 10 second's or so and proceeded to flash out several times (Although it sound's silly but I believe it had noticed me and was showing me what it could do!) When it flashed out it went bigger then returned to it's original size after it had done this it went smaller and moved slowly westward's then it went bigger in a second and went behind a quite dark cloud (though it could still be seen moving at an angle through it) when it came out into clear sky it did abit more Morphing and flashed out at me again before returning to it's original size it then headed toward's some more dark cloud still at an angle every so often it gave off glowed a orange haze colour later it disappeared and as I filmed it it slowly remateralised amongst some Particually dark sky before moving out of it. It also swayed in one direction and then in the opposite direction and looked like it turned inside out! it then remained completely stationary in the sky For a while and then lost sight of it because I stopped filming. (I also have a second report for you which occured in exactly the same place just 11 day's later)

Color/Shape: Bright White, Occasionally gave off a orange hazy glow witch lasted just a couple of second's no other colour's was quite big, round and morphing constantly from round to saucer/domed shape went from big to small and vice versa in a second.

Height & Speed: 11-12 Thousand feet, speed (not fast at all)

TV/Radio/Press: I reported the incident to the local newspaper (which is the ALTON GAZETTE/ALTON HERALD) Showed Reporter the video footage that I had taken of the object but it was not put in any upcoming or future paper's, Reported incident to NUFORC and other similar organisation's. Had another copy of the video made (both sighting's) and sent it to a Company in America called PYRAMEDIA (based in Lampasas, Texas) who where interested in looking at the footage and where considering putting some of it on a video that they where putting together called SIGN'S FROM THE SKY 2 or 3, Said that they would come back to me on What they thought of the Footage but never heard another thing from them, Which was very Dissapointing and baffling as I had thought that they would use a few of the clip's at least. Have very Recently Sent an E-mail message on my sighting's to ABC NEWS in America with the hope that they will mention me and my sighting's. (at present I am awaiting a response from them.) I do hope you can make this sighting known to more people) Do hope to hear from you soon.


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