July 1st 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Ashley Martin

Location: In Same place as my first Sighting (which was on 22nd June 2002) Over a field which is next to a busy main road very close to Where I live near the village of Chawton, Hampshire, United kingdom

Date: 1st July 2002 in the evening though Exact time is not known.Was a fine Evening with some breeze.

Approach Direction: Did not see the direction of approach of object.

Departure Direction: Did not see in which direction the object departed due to me stopping filming and leaving area.

Witness Direction: South

Description: Saw round white ball of light hanging Completely still in the sky object then headed westward's dropping not straight down but at an angle headed toward's dark cloud skirted the top of the dark cloud still heading westward's the object was Pulsating (Kind of throbing) as it went. it did alter in size but only slightly, object then came out into clear sky for a while before more dark cloud came along it dropped through the dark cloud though it could still be seen amongst it when it emerged from underneath the cloud it got brighter the object then headed westward's (at the back of the object there was a comet like tail) after just 10 second's or so heading westward's it suddenly changed direction and headed eastward's (for a short period of time) still with comet like tail behind it. It then stopped completely still in the sky and increased in size (like a balloon) I filmed the object for a considerable time.

Color/Shape: Bright white, round, later had comet like tail behind it. Big then went small then big again. Like first object I filmed on 22nd June 2002 did not make any sound or noise whatsoever.

Height & Speed: 11-12 thousand feet object varied in speed but was not fast.

TV/Radio/Press: I did the same with this piece of footage as I had done with the first piece of footage.


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