2nd August 2002

Name: Martin Lewis

Location: Liverpool England

Date: Friday 2nd August 2002 saw about 10:30pm

Approach Direction: Hovering in the sky

Departure Direction: unknown

Witness Direction: Wittnesses Jean and Simon Lewis

Description: I was in Alder Hey Hospital with my sick sister and my Mum and Dad.I went to get some fresh air and i saw something in the sky it had flashing lights and it didnt move. My dad said it was a plane but then he realised it couldnt of been. I stood watching these lights for about 2 hours and the lights never moved and they would always flash in the same order. My Mum didnt know what it was and still wonders now. You could just see a bit of something connected to the light because it was to high for me to see all of it. The next morning i went to look in the same place were i saw it and it was gone. From Martin Lewis

Color/Shape: The light colours were Red, Blue, Orage, Green and Yellow

Height & Speed: Height 5,000 feet. 0 miles per hour.

TV/Radio/Press: Nothing reported.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/020802.shtml