February 2003

September 2004

Llanelli, S. Wales Swansea, S. Wales Two Sighting Reports

Date: Feb 03; Sep 04
Time: ?

Number of witnesses: 1;2
Number of objects: 1;1
Shape of objects: Round; triangular.

Full Description of event/sighting: These are two different sightings, however they occurred in similar circumstances. They are both pictures of unidentified flying objects, which where only seen on the photos. That is, they where not noticed at the time of taking the photos, only after, when looking at the photos.

The first, dated February 2003, from a photograph taken by a friend, is of me and two other friends in a quite isolated area in near Llanelli, S. Wales. At the top-right of the picture there is a round object clearly visible. One can make out markings on it. It is appears circular; from the picture it could either be spherical or a flat circular object turned on its side.

The second picture was taken in September 2004 by my girlfriend. It is from a footbridge in Swansea overlooking a busy road. In the top-left of the shot there appears a triangular-shaped object, less clearly visible than the object in the other picture. It appears to have darker areas on each point of the triangle. My girlfriend didn't notice anything while taking the picture, however, the object (and in the previous picture) does not look like a result of poor photo development.

I have one of the pictures on my computer which I can send later but not now as I am using a computer in university. The other one I don't think I can send because I don't have it on the computer and don't have a scanner but I'll try.

Hope you find this interesting!

Thank you to the person for the two reports.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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