August 1st 2003

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I am just writing to report a sighting by my wife and I today at about 5.15pm. I am reporting in the hope that somebody else also witnessed this sighting. The sky was bright and sunny, with patchy clouds.

My wife had just picked me up from work in Cheadle, Cheshire and we then headed down towards Stockport in the car. After a couple of minutes, my wife spotted something unusual in the sky. I also looked and could see a rod shape in the sky.

The rod was initially looking a matte pencil-lead colour and was about 30 to 40 degrees up at quite a distance. After a couple of minutes, it got closer and I assumed it was about the size of a passenger jet.

The motion of the rod was unusual and didn't seem to have any normal pattern. It just hovered to and fro at a steady pace, changes direction at times and sometimes just hovering, but re-orienting on the spot. At one point, the object tilted and turned, which created a bright reflective glint to pass over it as it reflect the sun. This made the object's normally matte looking surface appear more metallic.

My wife and I were engrossed and knew this was not any conventional craft. At it's closest (still probably a mile or two away) we could see no makings, protrusions or trails. The object simply looked like a rod in the sky. We tried to follow the object, heading into Stockport, but we lost it as we approached the main roundabout in Stockport (near the big Blue Pyramid building (Co-Operative)).

We did some frantic searching until we spotted the object again. This time the object seemed to have ascended and was further away, heading in the direction of Longdendale\Glossop. The object seemed to be going above cloud level, but remained clear of the clouds that were dotted around for a few minutes.

We tried to track the object further, by heading down the M60 (towards Glossop) but the object just got away to far and high. We lost it after about 10 to 15 minutes of trying to track it.

This is by far the most exciting thing I've seen and really got my wife and I fired up. Some other people MUST have seen this object too.

So, there ya go. My sighting and I hope some other people will report it and also, that some of you find it interesting.

Yours still excited,

Roy Fielding


Additional information:

Hi John,

Yes, of course. By all means, use my report as you wish.

May I also add that it turns out there's more people who witnessed this rod shaped craft (at the same time as myself - around 5pm onwards). When I came into work yesterday (Sunday overtime), it turns out that several people from work also witnessed it. I think they all viewed it from the company car park, although I haven't really spoken to everyone about it.

I believe one or two were quite disturbed. Purely because they knew it wasn't anything conventional.

I hope this info is useful.

Kind regards,

Roy Fielding

[UFOINFO thanks Roy Fielding for allowing this report to be used and for sending the additional information.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/030801.shtml