September 27th 2003

Name: Dominic

Location: just outside Bangor in North Wales near Menai bridge

Date: sun 27/09/03 at about 2 am

Approach Direction: above

Departure Direction: just disappeared

Witness Direction: on ground looking up

Description: we were leaving our accomadation to drive back to london. As we got outside we saw a light in the sky it was in the shape of circle formed by several (8 - 12) eye shaped lightds.

At first it seemed like a projectiion from the ground and it was moving away from us towards a field and then it would come back until directly on top of us. The size of the circle would get smaller and larger as it moved back and forth, (almost pulsating) but not rythmically. After discussion (3 of us) we decided it must be a projection although it was so close and we were in the country and could not explain where it was coming from, we decided to get in the car and go. As we travelled down the road i was watching the light and to my amazement i was sure it was moving with us, even following us. I screamed at my friend to stop the car further down the road (at least half a mile) and we stopped in a pub caqr park. The circle had definately moved and was directly above our car. We watched for several minutes convinced that this was definately something 'abnormal' , and tghen with a blink it disappeared.

I am convinced we have seen 'something', has anbody else seen this shape/type before or that night?

Color/Shape: white/yellow eye shaped lights forming circular shape

Height & Speed: about 20 - 40 feet moving back and forth overhead travelling at a relaxed speed

TV/Radio/Press: none


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/030927.shtml