St James's Park, Westminster, London, England

October 11th 2003

UFOINFO E-mail Report

[UFOINFO Note: This report is the original submission the witness made elsewhere in 2003]

Here in London it was a beautiful clear sunny day yesterday (it happened yesterday (11th) but your form won't allow that date) and my wife and I were walking in St James' Park, Westminster, in the afternoon.

As we sat on a bench to feed our son, I looked up and noticed a light high up in the south. It being the middle of the afternoon I thought it may be Mars, as its been very bright (at night) recently. As I looked I noticed another light a fair distance away, at 7 o'clock to the first. At this point I drew my wife's attention to the lights and she saw them too. Both appeared stationary at this point. I looked away for 30 seconds or so, and when I looked up again, stated to my wife that the "lower" of the objects had gone. She replied that no, it was actually much nearer to the other object than before and looking again I saw it had indeed moved so that the distance was about half of the original distance between the lights.

I then watched, amazed, as the "moving" object visibly travelled towards the other light until nearly touching, at which point it moved up and around the top of it, and then seemed to accelerate away at 3 o'clock to the stationary light. Within seconds I could no longer see it, and soon after that I lost sight of the stationary light as well.

We discussed the incident and my wife suggested satellites or weather balloons. I accept that the stationary object could be either of these, but the object that moved upwards and around it could not. We also have a lot of commercial air traffic over central London, and I am very familiar with it, but I have never seen a plane be STATIONARY, then move, and certainly never TOWARDS another object, as if checking it out. Very strange.


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