December 28th 2003

Name: Paul

Location: Fifield, Berkshire, UK

Date: 2am, Sunday 28th December 2003

Approach Direction: coming straight down

Departure Direction: didn't see it leave

Witness Direction: south

Description: I had fallen asleep at around 9pm on the sofa and awoke just before 2am. The lights were off, the TV on and the curtains open. I woke myself up a little, scanned the TV channels and decided to turn the TV off - I was now in complete darkness in the lounge.

Outside, through the window, I noticed the garden and the tops of the houses nearby light up, as if something from above was illuminating them. I jumped up and ran to the window where I saw a large white ball, rather like a large flare, come straight down at quite a slow speed - too slow to be a freefalling object.

From the angle of the light it was emitting I judged it to be 1000m away, and the size of a car.

It was just like a descending flare, but a very large one. It sparkled, to some degree, and it's rate of fall did not change as it fell behind the houses opposite and into an area that has no roads into it - if I felt I could find the dropzone I would have jumped in the car and headed out to find it.

I don't know what I saw. Around the same time there were reports of fireballs falling from the sky in Spain (CNN had an article and photos). Falling space junk, burning up in the atmosphere is another potential explanation - but it fell too slowly.

I stared in the direction it fell for 10 minutes or so afterwards, but did not see any further activity.

Was it a UFO, I have no idea, but I saw what I saw and have no reasonable explanation for it. The following day there was a lot of helicoptor activity in the area, but it was the Xmas weekend and there is a nearby aerodrome for privately owned choppers and planes, so perhaps that's a reasonable explanation for the amount of helicoptors activity I heard.

Color/Shape: ball of white light, like a flare but without the trail behind it.

Height & Speed: 30-40mph descent

TV/Radio/Press: not that I've heard


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/031228.shtml