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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

Summer 2003 : Teesside Park, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland, England

Teesside Park Stockton-On-Tees Cleveland, U.K. White Object

Date: Peak Summer 2003.
Time: Between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

Number of witnesses: 1 (I know of).
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Both just looked like stars (but moving).

Full Description of event/sighting: This is the first time I've mentioned this. The day,month and year have not really been logged, but I'm guessing 2003, peak summer probably July and around mid morning to noon is my best guess. Although the day, month and year are vague it's what I remember about the actual sighting will never fade. The north east in the UK was an exceptionally clear hot day with no clouds.

I sat waiting in the drive through at McDonalds in Teesside park. (not the best of starts but read on) Because it was such a nice day all the windows and sunroof were fully open. I was quite relaxed as it was a weekend and I wasn't in any rush to be anywhere. Waiting in the cue I laid my head back on the head rest and just simply gazed strait up through the sun roof. I maybe didn't notice it immediately but something caught my eye, (one spot of light against a bright blue sky) once I focused on it I automatically thought hey could that be a UFO! Naturally I doubted myself then I began to study it. It was directly above and quite far away, maybe on the upper limit of the atmosphere? So I thought it could be a satellite. Hey not a problem! I thought it's still very fascinating I've never seen one of those either! It was definitely moving and considering it was very far away it was covering an impressive distance in a short time. I looked around to see if anyone else was looking at it but I don't think so. I felt like shouting for peoples attention but if they couldn't focus on it properly in time that they wouldn't see it at all and think I was mad! It's what I noticed next that changed my mind again.

I don't know how many km or miles behind it but there was a second identical light following! When looking from the ground it didn't seem too far behind but up there it could have been 2, 3 maybe 4 miles behind.

Two satellites following each other? I don't think so. I thought the first light was traveling a bit too fast for a satellite. When you see something like this it does send shivers down your spine (in a good kind of way). I know this isn't the best sighting but for me it didn't have to be. Seeing two bright (but small) lights high in the atmosphere traveling very fast in the same direction blew my mind. All those discovery documentaries about UFOs and I never thought I would join the club! I'm open to suggestions to what it might be but they would have to be good! Thanks for reading my experience.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply and having confidence in what I've seen. It's nice to know there's someone at the other end. I've replied to your questions below the best I can. Cheers.

Q. - Do you believe the sun was reflecting off of the object ? This making it show up better.

A. - Hard to tell, being that far up you couldn't define any shape. I'm guessing that they were self emitting as the lights were constant and not shimmering as if reflected. Come to think of it would there be any reflections if they were in-front of the sun? Possibly, I can't remember where the sun was at the time. It must have been quite high being near midday.

Q. - Also roughly how long were you able to see the objects for ?

A. - From spotting the first to loosing track of the second I'd say about 2 to 4 minutes.

Q. - Travel of speed, this a guest of course, or maybe you might be able to use an example such as, as fast as a jet airliner, small plane, etc ?

A. - Now you have my brain working! I've wanted to know this question myself but it's such a hit and miss judgment. If they were on the boundary of the atmosphere they would have been traveling very quickly. If I had to compare to anything conventional I'd unwillingly say as quick as a jet airliner but these were much higher up as I say.

Q. - Were at anytime in the sighting were you able to see any aircraft in the sky, during or even following the sighting ?

A. - No afraid not. not even vapor trails from anything. I don't know about anything after the event I couldn't stick around being in a cue and then traffic.

Q. - You mentioned it was rather high up, just to maybe get an idea of it's size, what would you estimate the size to be, maybe using your thumbnail with your arm out stretched.

A. - Both simply resembled a stars. Medium to bright if you compared to a star in the night sky. I couldn't even guess the size sorry.

Q. - Color wise, white in color ? Or maybe more silver or gray ?

A. - Definitely sharp white. No color.

Q. - I guess if you can think of anything else, please do jot it down, every little bit of information is helpful. Plus I get so many folks through my website there is a good chance that others may have seen this, or something similar that day in your area.

A. - I don't think I can add anything else. I would just be giving you false information. However if you have anymore questions I will be more than happy to answer them. This has been good to get off my chest Brian and I don't feel embarrassed! I'd spotted your website on a documentary via You Tube so I thought why not have a look. Very interesting to say the least. I'm sure this topic does keep you busy!

Kind Regards.

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