February 19th 2004

Original Sighting Form Report:

Name: Alison

Location: Kings Norton, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Date: Thursday 02/19/04 21.40pm GMT - Approx

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: South

Description: small ball of light - looked like a star at first. Moving across the sky at a consistent pace. No tail of light. Then started to jump and move slightly while moving in the same direction.S eemed to move quite fast then staggered then increased in speed again as though it was coming through the atmosphere. No trace of burning up. Colour and shape was consistent the whole time.

Color/Shape: white/round looked like a distant star then realised it was moving.

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Approx 120 seconds....(decided to walk away as we could not believe what we were seeing)

Were you able to hear any sound from it ?

No sound

Did you notice any aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting ?

No aircraft seen

Did the object zig zag at any time ?In other words did it change direction slightly at any time ?

Although it did not zig zag exactly... it did move as though it was firstly slowing down then jumping erratic for approx 10 seconds then constant speed for approx 5 seconds then again the same thing 10 seconds of erratic jumping and constant speed. The erratic jumping was slight movement as though it was hitting some sort of resistence.

Could you give an example of how bright it was ? (using Venus as an example).

I am certain it was not as bright as Venus or as it is known the North Star so therefore it was not the brightest object in the sky. It just seemed like a distant star moving across the sky without any trail of light.

Did it stopped and stay stationary at anytime while you observed it ?

No it did not stop at all

If you would be kind enough to answer the questions it may help in finding an answer for what you witnessed. Plus if there is any other detail that you may have left out, would you please pass the information a long as well.

I have given as much information as possible. Unfortunately I did not take any picture or video evidence. If you do require any further info and feel i may be able to help then please do contact me.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read my sighting.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040219.shtml