March 19th 2004

Original Sighting Form Report:

Name: On file.

Location: codicote hertfordshire england

Date: Friday 19/03/04 11.45pm

Approach Direction: hovering in same area

Departure Direction: We left before the object did

Witness Direction: dont know

Description: there were 3 objcts in the sky it was a light cloudy night 1 object was circling and the other 2 objects were sort of chasing each other.

Color/Shape: oval shape and silver colour

Height & Speed: the 1 that was sort of circling was not moving very fast but the other 2 that were chasing each other were moving fairly fast

TV/Radio/Press: no

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian

I observed these objects for about 10-15 minutes

The sighting took place in a village (Codicote)

The object stayed in the same area

They were above the light cloud

There was myself and two other that saw the objects

Yes there was a plane in the area at the same time as the objects

I could not see the structure they were above the cloud, they were of an oval shape and they had like what looked like a white light to them if you where to have removed the cloud but with the cloud there they looked of a sliver colour.

they were above the houses and if you were to put ¾ of a house on again then that is how high they were.

I could not tell you big they were.

When I first saw these objects I thought that they were the light of a car reflecting in the sky but when no car went past I thought it strange, so I ignored it then I saw the light again this time when I looked I thought it to be a strobe light but there was not beam coming from the ground so I asked my boss to take a look and he agreed that it was not a strobe light. Or car lights We looked for a little while a left to go home and he got his daughter to take a look he also got his video camera and took a recording but because the camera is old it has not come out that well. You can make these objects out if you know what you are looking for.

I hope I have been some more help to you. It would be nice to know what we all saw that night.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/uk/040319.shtml