August 7th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report:

Name: becky w......

Location: between pickering and whitby (england) on the north yorkshire moors

Date: saturday 7th august 2004 not sure of time, but around dusk, as stars were just comeing visible

Approach Direction: came from the west

Departure Direction: it headed off to the northwest

Witness Direction: west

Description: my husband was driving, & waiting 2 come out of a juction, when i spotted a very large very bright object, it was v still & silent, it suddenly stared moving v slowly, so we parked up 2 watch it 4 several minutes, no sound was made from it at any time, no strobe lights, or vapore trail could b seen.....

Color/Shape: it was silver in color, round in shape, it started off v bright, and as it moved, it became even brighter still, untill we saw it go out of sight

Height & Speed: a few miles up,its speed was slow,and smooth, it was like looking at the size of a football & bigger than a planet

TV/Radio/Press: we didnt report this,as i have seen a few ufos b4, i have told the m.o.d, they take info, but i never recieve any data back from them, very frustating.

Follow-up by Brian Vike:

hello & thanx 4 yr reply 2 my email, at last someone is lisening! its so good 2 know that.... i will try 2 help u further brian. the night we saw the silver ufo, sky was very clear, no wind, & yes, the stars were just appearing, at first i thought i was looking at a planet, as it was so v bright, it just sat there, but it started moving, no sudden movments at all, i watched it from my left side, as i was sat in the car, i then saw it fly in front of me, to a semi cicle, we parked up, & watched it, the ufo then stopped again, 4 a few seconds, then it set off agian, in a v slow speed, till it went right out of sight, i would say we watched it 4 a good 5mins in all... the only building that was near us, was a country pub, no air force bases of anything else was near us, as we were way out in the countryside..... brian if u need any further help please do stay in touch! as i too am very interesed in ufo's

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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