September 1st 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Mike Ogden

Location: 3 miles east of Glossop just off the A57 - to the north of the road over the moorland before the large bend in the road prior to the descnt down and into Gloosop.

Date: 1st September 2004 - roughly 15:50 to 16:00 GMT.

Approach Direction: Roughly coming from Glossop to the moorland ie West to East.

Departure Direction: To the East over the moorland.

Witness Direction: I was I think the only witness - on my own in car driving towards Glossop from Sheffield.

Description: The object appeared metallic and disk like with an elipse so that this had an oval shape slightly taller than it was wide. The object was already clear in the sky roughly 1000 feet up when I saw this. I was not able to stop as I was on the snake pass and a car was right behind me and that road is a bit hairy at the best of times. I was at the highest point on the road which is on the large bend prior to the long descent into Glossop area. The object seemed to float in the air, as opposed to being forceably propelled, and then merged into light cloud formation before re-emerging further along in the sky and heading eastwards. It was strange the way the object merged into the cloud, it just disappeared. This object was going in the opposite direction to the planes landing at Manchester Airport - I would suggest that it was very close to the flight path.

Color/Shape: Eliptical disk, metallic and shiny - I remember the silvery smooth texture that is what caught my eye.

Height & Speed: Moving no greater than 100mph - it really was hard to judge distance and speed as it is for a train until one is on top of you - try it at a railway station.

TV/Radio/Press: Sighting I assume was not reported - I have mentioned to the MOD as concern re flying in the flight path of planes as no matter what the object is this is dangerous. I have only mentioned this sighting to one friend when I was very drunk - funnily enough they had seen something in Edinburgh which sounded much more impressive and totally different - but that's for them to tell.


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