September 23rd 2004

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Just wondered if there was any activity noted for a shooting star on September 23 at 21:23 GMT. over Durham, County Durham, England. as I saw a "star""meteor" something with mass, move across the sky at some speed from a east north-east to west south-west direction. it did not burn out like other shooting stars I have seen and did not appear to have a tail. it changed direction briefly before disappearing. it was too fast for a satellite and the aeroplanes usually don't fly in that direction to our airports. it had no flashing lights that a helicopter has and appeared to be too high. I have also seen satellites before that appear to weave and it was not one. I have also seen laser shows and it definitely was not one of them. I feel a bit of an idiot saying it was an U.F.O but to me it is unidentified. what it was I don't know but would appreciate any feedback into what it was. not sure how to get in contact with someone who could say what is was. hope to hear from someone and hope I am not the only one who saw it.
since I sent this e-mail to a few people I have found out that someone else saw the same thing. they confirmed the time and direction. I know that there could have been a misinterpretation of the curve that I thought it made due to the 3-d environment.

I am a housewife with two small children. I have 13 G.C.S.Es at C or above.
I look up at the stars at night to relax and collect my thoughts for the next day. so I was looking at the sky when the object came into view.
It was not as bright as the moon but star brightness. there appeared to be no colour but gave the illusion of matter. there were not strange smells or sounds.
it disappeared suddenly.
It was allot smaller than the moon. it is difficult to describe at that distance. slightly smaller than a football.
it was not recorded.
mr e. G. Bowburn Durham.
no physical effects noted.
time passed normally.
no other unusual experiences before.
the sky was clear apart from this one band of cloud that was coming in to view heading towards me. a bird tweeted twice which I thought was odd then the object appeared.
it was clear. tiny bit of cloud cover but just this band. it was mild and dry. there was a breeze and I could see the stars.

I hope I have answered most of the questionnaire questions ok.

yours sincerely
M. S.


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