September 24th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: N Davies

Location: Fring in North West Norfolk

Date: 24th September 11.30 PM

Approach Direction: South

Departure Direction: North

Witness Direction: North

Description: On the evening of the 24 th Sept at 11.30 PM a friend and I saw a very large triangle shape made up of 3 white lights traveling across the sky, I could not say what height they were but they almost looked as if they were in space, they were heading south from a northern direction across the Wash on The North West Norfolk coastline, the triangle kept its shape for a couple of minutes and then one of the rear white lights accelerated ahead breaking the formation, after about 3 minutes of perfect visibility the front light faded and when the other 2 lights behind, hit the same spot in the sky, they faded to, there were no clouds blocking my view at this point.

Color/Shape: Triangle of white lights

Height & Speed: Very high possibly in space


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