October 17th 2004

E-mail Report

Hello my name is Paul ******, I live in Liverpool England i would like someone to give me and my wife Diane a logical explaination for what we have just experienced early hours sunday 17th October 2004 about 1 am.

We were driving home from friends in Cheshire a rural area no lights on the road exept our car lights, when suddenly from the left of our car a vapour appeared, i instantly thought we were entering some kind of mist but the vapour stayed in front of the car traveling equal speed, then suddenly it started to spin. I naturally thought some kind of vortex was forming and told my wife to slow the car down.

The spinning continued and i noticed some blue in it, the rest was just white but was not light.> The next we knew it went on top of the car and lit the front bonnet up with cabbage shape blue forming on windscreen some sort of cabbage shape ether effect, we both started to panic as we entered a village wich was lit up quite well. We turned right, back into the dark countryside when it re-appeared next to the car on the left, it went up into the air above the car so i opened my window and could see underneath what appeared to be two rings, one large wraith looking one, and inside smaller plasma like teardrop shapes chained together spinning and individually wobbling, we done several right turns over a streach of about 7 miles but it stayed right in front of the car till we reaches the motorway.

My wife and i are very shaken by the incident, it ascended upwards into the clouds and i could see it vapourize into a sheet. This is genuine and would appreciate it if there was a scientific explanation, i have also reported the incident to the authorities. look forward to hearing from you.


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