February 1st 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: From the window of a plane travelling from Belfast City Airport to Gatwick in London, at the time we were flying over the Irish sea.

Date: A couple of months ago, dont recall the exact date but it was the day liverpool F.C were playing Charlton F.C(was on my way to the match).

Approach Direction: below the plane

Departure Direction: it was no longer possible to see the object when it went over th clouds

Witness Direction: I was looking out the left window of a plane.

Description: I was travelling on a flight from belfast to london. It was a wet and dismal day but once we rose above the clouds it was beautiful sunshine.The clouds were absolutely solid,no gaps in the cloud at all. I had been looking out the window admiring the view over the clouds when i noticed a circular gap in the clouds which caught my attention as it was the first break in clouds i had seen. I the middle of this gap was what i can only describe as a perfect white sphere. It was not shiny or metallic, it was pure white and perfectly spherical.

The object did not move for the first 15/20 second I looked at it, then it moved from the gap in the clouds and disappeared from view just above the clouds(as it was totally white as the clouds were i could no longer see it).I have not heard any rational explanation of what this could be.

Color/Shape: it was pure white and perfectly spherical.As we were travelling what must have been a couple of thousand feet above the clouds it was difficult to estimate the size of the object as i was viewing it. Shortly after i saw it though there was another plane flying just about cloud level which gave me a rough idea of its size.It was much smaller than the plane, I would say its diameter was about the width of the fusillage of the plane.

Height & Speed: just above cloud level.it did not move at first, it moved slowly in one direction, then changed direction,speeded up and disappeared in the white camouflge of the clouds below.

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: not to my knowledge


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